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My style of counseling and psychotherapy in

Oakland | Berkeley | San Francisco Bay Area | CA.

I understand that every person has their own unique experiences and perspectives of life. Counseling should be practical, helpful and empowering so that each person can have the opportunity to create the experiences and quality of life that she/he truly desires.


The main approaches I use when providing counseling are:

Psychodynamic | Cognitive Behavioral Theories

Interpersonal Neurobiology | Attachment Theory

The general goals are to help you:

  • Gain insight and understanding of how best to address your problems

  • Heal from emotional pain

  • Empower you with powerful tools to manage emotional distress and stress

  • Develop effective coping skills.

  • Grow and develop as a person.


Counseling and psychotherapy can provide many rewards and benefits that can be life changing and life affirming.  It can be fun and challenging but I am here to help you through the process as you work toward feeling better, improved functioning and living your best quality life.


A warm, friendly and skilled approach tailored to meet your needs.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy involves becoming aware of how your past including your childhood years influences your current feelings, emotions, thoughts and behavioral patterns. This type of psychotherapy works through exploration of your feelings, thoughts and "inner world." Through insight and gaining and an  understanding of what makes you "tick" you learn to develop new and more effective coping skills in your life.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy has traditionally been a long term psychotherapy.  However, psychodynamic psychotherapy may also be brief which allows you to focus on one specific problem or goal and work towards an understanding of how you can manage this problem.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) involves learning to recognize thoughts and thinking patterns that produce negative actions and behaviors.  Utilizing CBT you learn how to challenge negative thoughts and replace those negative thoughts with positive and more effective thoughts which in turn help you to engage in more helpful and desired behaviors.  CBT is a structured psychotherapy that requires full commitment, discipline and is not a quick or easy "fix" to significant mental health problems.  CBT is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders.

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