BIPOC Brainspotting trainings

All donations go towards providing scholarships to those BIPOC individuals who experience a true financial barrier to attending Brainspotting trainings.

This may be a controversial stance but I expect all BIPOC professionals who are able to pay for trainings to do so. 

BIPOC trainings are already offered at a 39% reduced fee compared to standard Brainspotting trainings.  Additional fee reductions are reserved for those who truly have financial barriers to accessing Brainspotting trainings. 


All donations are tax deductible to fullest extent of the law.  Please check with your tax advisor for additional details.

When you make your donation please list BIPOC Brainspotting as the intended recipient. This ensures that all funds are credited efficiently to the BIPOC Brainspotting account.

Thanks for your donation.


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