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Your Life

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How would you like to transform your life?

A great quality of life?  A great relationship or marriage? Success at your job?

Meaningful friendships?

Would you like to transform your harsh inner critic into your biggest cheerleader?

Needing to get rid of guilt, shame, not feeling good enough, anger, people pleasing and perfectionism?

As a non 1900s style counselor, I can help you not just feel better but heal and recover from all the crap that's been holding you back. You can create the life you want. In this healing process and journey you may laugh, cry, get angry as you come to understand yourself and your emotional world and transform your life to one that you want.  


You can make changes and start to enjoy your family, friends, work and life.  Yep, it is totally doable.

Start your journey to transforming your life, experience the joys and connections as a parent, spouse/partner, daughter, son, child, relative, boss, employee, or friend.

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Here's the thing about counseling.....

​The pain, suffering and emotional damage that we have experienced in life almost always causes us to focus on what's wrong, how bad it is and what can't be done.  Perhaps you are emotionally burnt out and long for a different quality of life.

Of course your brain and body naturally want what's best for you but the process of achieving what's best for you is totally caught up in the drama of the emotional damage you have sustained.


As a result, you may spend a lot of time and effort engaging in the same unhelpful patterns and behaviors hoping for a different result.  What you may not realize is that these unhelpful patterns and behaviors are your brain and body's attempts at making things right and achieving what's best.  The challenge is to how to get your brain and body to do what's helpful plus achieve and maintain the change that you desire.  This is where counseling with me comes in.  I can help you achieve changes in your life.


Does counseling really work? 

Answer: A resounding YES!!!

Counseling is about transforming from a life of chaos, hopelessness, despair, disorganization, dysregulation and emotional imbalance to a life of order, hope,  joy, organization, regulation and emotional wellness.

A transformation in your brain and body's current attempts at righting themselves in order to give you those feelings and changes for which you long.  In other words, we've have to get your emotional regulation system working as it was intended, that is, an amazing efficient and effective system to live life fully and completely.

Counseling allows you the opportunity to change and transform the narrative or story that you tell yourself and believe about yourself.  The stories that you secretly keep inside but are quite noticeable at 2am when you can't sleep.

The stories that say:

You are NOT

  • worthy

  • smart

  • valuable

  • deserving of good things in life

Now imagine the quality of your life if you told yourself a different and more helpful story about you.

The stories that say:


  • worthy

  • smart

  • valuable

  • deserving of good things in life

But there's somewhat of a catch....

Clearly there are tons of people who need counseling.  However, needing counseling and wanting counseling are two very distinct things.  A lot of people who need counseling do not want it.  Frankly, that's ok.

However, if you want counseling, you must be willing to commit and work to transform your unhelpful personal narrative and negative stories that you tell yourself about yourself.  


We only spend money and time on things we believe will make us feel a certain way either immediately or eventually.  In the case of counseling, it's an investment of time and money to transform your life.  Many folks want immediate results from counseling and to be honest this may or may not happen to varying degrees.  The truth is, you're a complex person therefore counseling will be complex.  This doesn't mean beyond help but it does require a willingness to engage in a self exploratory process and engage in the activities designed to help you transform your life.


Perhaps you're thinking "I can't wait that long for stuff to change" but this is an unhelpful thought.  In fact, many people have this unhelpful thought and then go right back to repeating the same unhelpful patterns and behaviors and so the cycle continues.  Often this cycle goes on for years, all the while folks are telling themselves counseling will take too long.  A vicious cycle.  Time to stop the cycle.

Counseling is one of the most effective processes out there to bring about change and transformation to your life.  Unfortunately, counseling is still viewed as a 1900 Vienna style process but it doesn't have to be that way and it's not that way with me.

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A Private Pay Counseling Practice. 

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Benefits of Counseling

Gain confidence

Obtain clarity on issues

Find joy and happiness

Learn effective coping skills


communication skills

Greater self acceptance

Effectively manage stress

Heal from emotional pain and trauma

Reach your full potential

Do you feel tense and wound up a lot?

Do you worry about everything?

Do you worry a lot? Have difficulty sleeping because you have too much on your mind? Typically expect the absolute worse to happen? Feeling sort of restless and wound up a lot of the time? Have a hard time making decisions? Anxiety does not have to take over your life. Counseling or psychotherapy is an excellent choice to help you manage this life challenge.

Do you feel slowed down?


Find it hard to have fun?

Can't shake that "sad" feeling? Got a dark cloud following you around? Feeling hopeless and helpless? No longer enjoying things like you once did? Depression can be a real downer. I invite you to make the decision to reduce your suffering and get expert help to bring meaning, joy and contentment into your life.

Drinking too much?

Too much weed?

Over using pain pills?

Shopping out of control?

Have you been thinking about cutting down your alcohol or drug use? Did get a DUI? Find yourself getting annoyed when folks talk about your drinking or drug use? No one sets out to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Struggling to control your shopping? Absolutely must get that item even though you have at least 4? Shopping gives you a big boost but then you crash later? Explore your emotional wounds and give yourself permission to heal so that you can regain or obtain the quality of life that you want.

Does the thought of eating stress you out?

Believe that once you achieve one of these looks you will feel good about yourself?

Do you eat in an effort to manage your emotions?  Do you not eat in an effort to manage your emotions? Is food a minefield for you?  Feel like you're the only man with this issue?


Do you engage in any of these activies - obsessively counting calories, have good foods and bad foods, clean foods, binging and purging, compulsive eating, restricting or starving, laxative abuse?

Learn how to recover and heal from the emotional turmoil that cause these behaviors. LGBT affirming.

Save your marriage or relationship.

Do you love your spouse/partner but no longer like her or him or them? Is your marriage or relationship in trouble? Communication problems in your relationship? Are you at a lost as to what to do next?

Almost all couples and relationships experience periods of significant stress at various times.  Most people express that communication is the number one difficulty in their relationship. 

Other issues that can have a tremendous negative impact on a marriage or relationship include infidelity/cheating (both emotional and physical), past childhood trauma, past relationship trauma, financial problems, coping with an illness in the family, adoption or foster care issues.  

The average couple waits 6 years after they recognize that they are having problems before they seek expert help. Learn how to save your marriage or relationship through the art of communication and build solid communication skills so that you can be the best spouse/partner at maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship.

Create the life you want.
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Learn about my fees and what you get for it.

Counseling - when talking with a friend or family is not enough.

Counseling to help people transform their lives. Experience life without the burdens of anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, relationship problems and eating disorders in Oakland | Alameda | Berkeley | San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


I see children, teenagers, young adults, adults, couples and families.

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