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5 TIPS for a Successful #Counseling or #Psychotherapy Experience.

October 2, 2015

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How To Survive Valentine's Day If You're Single


#Valentine’s Day is here and red seems to be just about everywhere.  Red roses, red heart shaped boxes full of chocolates and card with red letters.  Some people have come to believe that Valentine’s day has become nothing more than a symbol of modern consumerism.

However, for many people, Valentine’s day is one of the most talked about days when the person you’re #dating, #married to or in #love with does something to demonstrate how special you are.  But what about the rest of us.  Those of us who are #single. Is languishing in Valentine’s Day hell the only option? This includes seeing the aforementioned red items everywhere, hear friends or relatives talk about their Valentine’s Day plans, find nothing but love stories on TV.  It can become quite annoying and challenging if you have #anxiety, #depression, #drug or #alcohol problems or an #eating disorder?. And it seems more so when Valentine’s is on the weekend because it is no longer Valentine’s Day it is now Valentine’s weekend.  Two days of this stuff.


14 things to help you make it through this upcoming Valentine’s Day/weekend if you're single.


I have compiled a list of 7 THINGS NOT TO DO this weekend and a list of 7 THINGS THAT YOU CAN DO if you’re single this Valentine’s Day/weekend.