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5 TIPS for a Successful #Counseling or #Psychotherapy Experience.

October 2, 2015

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7 Relationship Lessons from the Opera La Traviata

On the evening of July 5th, I attended the live simulcast performance of #Verdi’s #LaTraviata from the #SanFranciscoOpera at AT&T Park in San Francisco. This was my second outing to opera in the park in San Francisco.  Last year’s performance was Verdi’s #Rigoletto an opera about #love and #romance.  This time I was sure to dress warmly and brought a jacket and avoided last year’s disaster of shivering in my T-shirt and shorts. Yes, it is cold in the summer in San Francisco and on this night it was a cool 59 degrees F.  I, along with 26,000 other people in the park and perhaps another 3,000 people in the opera house were treated to a wonderful performance by a cast headed by #AilynPerez as #ViolettaValery, Perez’s real life husband #StephenCostello as #AlfredoGermont and #QuinnKelsey as #GiorgioGermont, Alfredo’s father.


My synopsis of the opera with 7 #Relationship Lessons:



Violetta (pronounced Vee-o-let-ta) is a courtesan or in today’s language a hooker or sex worker.  However, she is a high society sex worker.  Think #ElliotSpitzer type of sex worker.  Violetta has a party where she meets Alfredo who is from a respectable but probably lower middle class family.  (Remember this is 19th century Europe.) Alfredo and Violetta are attracted to each other but not in a totally lustful way.  Instead, it is