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Couples Therapy Retreats &
Intensive Couples Therapy

Strengthen Your Relationship with 3 Days of Intensive Rebuilding & Connecting

Couples Therapy Options

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Couples Therapy Retreats

Seeking a dedicated & immersive experience? Discover our weekend retreats for intensive relationship work.

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Intensive Couples Therapy

Focused in-office or house call sessions (licensed states only) for concentrated relationship work, tailored to your needs.

Couples Therapy Retreats

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What are Couples Therapy Retreats?

A private or group, intensive therapy experience designed to help couples reconnect and address relationship challenges.

13 focused hours of couples counseling delivered over a weekend (Friday - Sunday) format.

Ideal for couples with busy schedules, residing anywhere in the US, Canada, or internationally.

Couples Therapy Retreat Benefits

Focused Time and Privacy: Escape daily distractions and dedicate uninterrupted time to reconnect and rebuild your relationship.

Intensive Therapy Sessions: Benefit from a concentrated experience, allowing for significant progress in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional weekly sessions.

Personalized Setting: Whether you choose to travel to a comfortable and private location I provide, or I travel to a mutually agreeable location, you'll have a dedicated space for open communication and reflection.

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What to Expect at a Couples Therapy Retreat


Complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup online at least one week prior. This tool streamlines the relationship assessment process for me, providing personalized, clinical feedback plus it also provides specific recommendations for treatment based on your answers.

Friday Schedule: Assessment Phase

3-hour joint assessment to understand your relationship dynamics. This can take place virtually or in person, depending on your chosen retreat format.

90-minute joint interview to gather in-depth information. This can be conducted virtually or in person.


Individual interviews (approximately 45 minutes each) to gain individual perspectives. These can be done virtually or in person, depending on the retreat format.

Saturday Schedule

45-minute feedback session to discuss assessment results. This can take place virtually or in person, depending on the retreat format.

5 hours of intensive couples counseling, focusing on communication and intervention strategies. 

Sunday Schedule

5 hours of continued couples counseling, addressing deeper issues and building upon progress. 

Wrap-up session to create a personalized action plan and discuss potential follow-up options. 

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Is a Couples Therapy Retreat Right for You?

Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats offer a unique opportunity for couples to reconnect and address relationship challenges in a focused and intensive setting. 


Consider a Couples Therapy Retreat if you:

  • Have Busy Schedules: Finding time for regular therapy sessions can be difficult. Retreats offer a concentrated experience, allowing for significant progress in a condensed timeframe (Friday-Sunday)

  • Live Outside the Bay Area (Not possible to attend weekly in-person sessions): We offer in-person retreats at your location or an agreed-upon location for couples anywhere in the US, Canada, or internationally.

  • Are Ready to Invest in Your Relationship: Retreats require dedication and emotional investment. Couples who are serious about making positive changes in their relationship will benefit most from this intensive format.

  • Seek to Rekindle Connection and Rebuild Intimacy: Retreats provide a dedicated space for focused communication, reflection, and rebuilding intimacy away from daily distractions.

Couples Therapy Retreats and Intensive Couples Therapy May Not Be Suitable if:

One partner is experiencing a serious mental health issue such as untreated bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, or major depression. Individual therapy may be necessary before couples counseling can be effective.

There is domestic violence in the relationship. Couples therapy is not appropriate for situations involving domestic violence.

One or both partners are struggling with active addiction. Addressing substance abuse issues may be necessary before couples counseling can be beneficial.

One or both partners are unwilling or unable to commit to the level of focus and emotional investment required for an intensive retreat. The retreat demands a high level of commitment, similar to the intense focus required for major sporting events like the Wimbledon finals or the Super Bowl.

​Once these concerns are addressed and the situation has stabilized, I'd be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss if a Couples Therapy Retreat is the right fit for your relationship at that time.

Couples Therapy Retreat Experiences

West Coast Psychotherapy offers two therapy retreat options to suit your needs and preferences:

Private Couples Retreat

Focused Attention & Personalized Experience: Enjoy a dedicated and intimate retreat experience with John as your therapist. This retreat offers your relationship the full focus and attention it deserves, creating a safe space for healing and growth.

Mutually Agreed Upon Location: Choose a comfortable and private location that works for you and John. This could be a vacation rental or another suitable space.

Tailored Program: The retreat program will be customized to address your specific relationship challenges and goals.

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Group Couples

Connect and Learn Together: Bond with other couples on a similar journey in a supportive group setting. This retreat provides a unique opportunity to learn from shared experiences and gain valuable insights from John's expertise.

Develop Supportive Connections: Sharing your challenges with other couples can foster understanding and a sense of community.

Expert Guidance: John will facilitate the retreat, offering guidance, tools, and techniques to strengthen your relationship.

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Reconnect and Revive

Contact us to learn about upcoming retreats and schedule your relationship healing getaway.

Intensive Couples Therapy

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What is Intensive Couples Therapy?

Intensive Couples Therapy offers a powerful approach to address relationship challenges and strengthen your bond. Unlike traditional weekly therapy sessions, intensive therapy condenses focused work into a shorter timeframe, often over a weekend. This allows couples to delve deeper into their issues, gain new perspectives, and develop effective communication skills in a concentrated and immersive setting.

Intensive Couples Therapy Benefits

Targeted Approach: Intensive sessions allow us to tailor the therapy experience to your specific needs and goals.

Rapid Progress: Benefit from a concentrated effort, potentially achieving significant breakthroughs in a shorter time frame compared to traditional therapy.

In-Depth Exploration: Intensive therapy allows for deeper exploration of core issues and underlying dynamics affecting your relationship.

Flexibility and Choice: Choose between in-office sessions or house calls within our licensed states (California, Nevada, Oregon, New York, Washington State, British Columbia, Canada) to suit your needs and preferences.

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What to Expect During Intensive Couples Therapy

Pre-therapy assessment: Complete an online questionnaire to provide us with valuable background information about your relationship prior to starting the sessions.

In-depth sessions: Engage in focused therapy sessions designed to address your specific needs and goals. These sessions may involve individual interviews, joint work, and communication exercises.

Personalized plan: Develop a personalized action plan to continue strengthening your relationship after the intensive therapy session(s).

13 Hours over 3 days of rigorous relationship work: The schedule is identical to our relationship retreat schedule detailed above. Be prepared to dedicate significant time and effort to the intensive sessions. The condensed format requires a high level of focus and emotional investment.

Vulnerability and Openness: Intensive therapy delves deeper into relationship challenges. It's important to be open to exploring potentially uncomfortable topics and be willing to be vulnerable with your partner.

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Who is a Good Fit for Intensive Couples Therapy

Couples seeking intensive therapy are typically:

  • Highly motivated and committed to working on their relationship.

  • Willing to invest time and energy in focused sessions.

  • Facing complex relationship challenges that require in-depth exploration.

  • Open to new perspectives and willing to try new communication and conflict resolution skills.

  • Limited by busy schedules who find it difficult to commit to regular weekly therapy sessions.

Intensive Couples Therapy Fees

West Coast Psychotherapy does not take insurance.

Intensive Couples Therapy
In-Office - Oakland, CA


  • Focused therapy sessions in the comfort and privacy of our therapy office.

  • 13 hours of therapy over 3 days: Receive a comprehensive intensive therapy experience designed to address your relationship challenges.

Intensive Couples Therapy
In Your Home


  • Bring the therapy experience to the comfort of your own home within our licensed states.

  • 13 hours of therapy over 3 days: Benefit from a concentrated session led by John in your familiar space.

  • This price does not include travel expenses

In-Home Intensive Couples Therapy Travel Expenses

Travel Time: If John travels by car from the San Francisco Bay Area, a travel time fee will be applied based on the distance to your location. Specific rates will be provided upon consultation.

Accommodation: The cost of John's hotel accommodation during the retreat will be added to the total fee.

Airfare: If travel by air is necessary, the cost of airfare will be included in the final fee. 

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Revitalize Your Relationship Today

Couples Therapy Options

California | New York | Washington State | British Columbia

Weekly Couples Therapy Sessions - approximately 90 minutes

Extended Couples Therapy Sessions - 3 hours with a break at the 90 minute mark.  Occurs once or twice per month

Private Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats:

This is 13 hours of relationship counseling: Friday - Sunday format:

The Gottman Relationship Check Up is completed at least one week prior to the couples retreat date.

Friday Schedule
Assessment Phase - 3 hours

  • Joint Interview - 90 minutes

  • Individual interviews approximately 45 minutes each

Saturday Schedule

Assessment Phase

  • Feed back - approximately 45 minutes


Intervention Phase 

  • 5 hours of couples counseling

Sunday Schedule
Intervention Phase

  • 5 hours of couples counseling

  • Wrap up and plan for follow up sessions or check-in

Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats are best suited for couples who:

  • Have busy schedules and coordinating a weekly time would be difficult.

  • Live outside of the Oakland, CA area such as the Peninsula, South Bay, North Bay and areas beyond which makes traveling for weekly sessions quite challenging.

  • Couples who live anywhere in the USA, Canada or in the world.

  • Are committed and prepared to engage in intensive challenging and difficult emotional work over several days to repair, revitalize and rejuvenate their relationship or marriage.

Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats or Intensive Couples Counseling requires the commitment and concentration as if you are in one of the following scenarios:

  • Playing Centre Court in the Wimbledon finals.

  • Making your debut at the Metropolitan Opera.

  • Playing in the NBA finals.

  • Playing in the world series.

  • Playing in the Super Bowl.

  • Playing at the Masters.

House Calls For Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats or 
Extended Couples Therapy Sessions

House calls are available in the following states and province where I am licensed/registered to practice counseling and psychotherapy:

  • California

  • New York

  • Washington State

  • British Columbia, Canada

If you live on the east coast of the USA or Canada,  Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats can occur in New York City/New York state.

House Calls for Weekend Couples Therapy Retreats or Extended Couples Therapy Sessions require the following expenses to be covered:

  • Travel

    • Travel time - San Francisco Bay area up to 2 hours away by car.

    • Locations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area - hotel - the ones with the best beds which rules out most Sheratons (from my experience.)

    • Air travel - preferred airlines - Delta, Alaska, American or the airline that has the most direct route to your location.

Couples who would not be a good fit for a Weekend Couples Therapy Retreat

  • One of you has:

    • a serious untreated mental health issue such as bi-polar disorder, suicidal, major depression

    • domestic violence,

    • active drug or alcohol addiction including weed/pot.

It may be prudent to address these individual issues prior to attempting relationship counseling.  Once the situation has stabilized I would be happy to consult with you to see if the timing is right for relationship counseling with me.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling Costs

Weekly sessions: $400 per 90 minute session or $270 per 60 minute session

Extended session: $800 [Two 90 minute sessions with a break - In office]

Extended session: $1,000 [Two 90 minute sessions - within a 2 hour drive of Oakland | CA]

Weekend Couples Therapy Retreat: $5000 [13 hours of counseling in my office]

Weekend Couples Therapy Retreat: $10,000 [travel to your location | 13 hours of counseling]
Travel available in California, Washington State, New York and British Columbia, Canada.

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