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Counseling Women | Oakland | CA
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Options for counseling and psychotherapy in Oakland, CA


This is the time set aside just for you and what is on your mind.  You are able to share the good, the bad and the ugly without being judged.  I will be present to help you make sense of it and help you heal, grieve and move forward in your life. This process is interactive and strictly confidential.  I work with older adults, adults, teenagers and children from various backgrounds.

Almost all couples experience periods of significant stress in their marriage or relationship.  Most couples express that communication is their number one difficulty in their relationship.  Other issues that marriage or relationships experience that can have a tremendous negative impact on the marriage or relationship include infidelity/cheating (both emotional and physical), past childhood trauma, past relationship trauma, financial problems, coping with an illness in the family, adoption or foster care issues.  The average couple waits 6 years after they recognize that they are having problems before they seek expert help. Read more about 

marriage or relationship counseling.


Families under significant stress often benefit from direct therapuetic intervention.  I can help bring order to a chaotic household by addressing roles, rules and expectations.  I can help your family develop a structure and routine that addresses trust, safety, respect and support based on the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach.


I conduct time limited supportive psychotherapy groups and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based groups. Topics include: Coming Out, Professionals in Recovery, Anger Management, Care Giving and Living with a Chronic Illness. Groups are usually no larger than 8 members and generally meet for 90 minutes.  Some groups have a minimum time commitment.


Online counseling is available to those who do not have ready access to a counselor or psychotherapist either due to geographic limitations or who believe I would be a good match.  This service is available to residents of California, Washington State, New York and British Columbia, Canada. 

Sometimes you only want a sounding board about a certain situation. I provide a concise single session consultation to help you think through possible next steps in a situation.  I also offer consultation to small and medium size businesses regarding employee morale and interpersonal conflict amongst employees.

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