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Brainspotting Phase 3
The Neuroexperiential Perspective

BIPOC Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals

Prerequisite Brainspotting Phase 1 - no exceptions

Addiction Counselors | Professional Counselors | Social Workers | Psychologists | Marriage and Family Therapists | Psychiatrists | Nurse Practitioners | Occupational Therapists | Executive/Life Coaches | Naturopaths | Acupuncturists 

Asian | African American/Black | Latinx | Indigenous/Native | Mixed Race | Southeast Asian | Pacific Islander | Middle Eastern (if believe that you are treated differently and perceived to be a person of color - yes I know it's confusing)

Hybrid - In person - Long Island, NY and Online via Zoom.


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David Grand, PhD

Founder and Developer of Brainspotting

Read David's bio here

March 7th, 8th, 9th, 2024.


9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time USA/Canada

Standard rate: $745 (this is the correct price)
Pre-licensed rate: $525 - see instructions under notification below
Student: $400 - see instructions under notifications below
Repeat: $400 - see instructions under notifications below

Location - In-person:

Long Island Marriott

101 James Doolittle Blvd,

Uniondale, NY 11553

Hotel Reservation Group Rate Link:
The hotel room block is now sold out.  Please contact the hotel directly or use a travel App to find hotel rooms nearby at a price within your budget.

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Completion of Brainspotting Phase 1.  No exceptions

This training is reserved for BIPOC Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals.

Requirements and Expectations to attend the training:

  1. If you are unable to adhere to these requirements please do not register for the training.  100% attendance is required for each day.  This means it is not acceptable to leave the training for a few hours to go attend another meeting etc and then return to the training.

  2. If you are unable to attend 100% each day then do not register for the training.  In case of an emergency, we are happy to provide a prorated refund of registration fee, less administrative fees and you can take the training in the future.

  3. As we emerge from the pandemic there remain sociopolitical issues that continue to cause strain and distress in many areas, to say the least.  However, if you are not able to be fully present for whatever reason(s), please do not register for the training.  This training is highly experiential and REQUIRES your full attention and presence.  The inability to be fully present adversely impacts other attendees during experiential practicums. Opting out of practicums is NOT permitted.

  4. If you become ill during the training and are not able to be fully present, we are happy to provide a prorated refund.  Just observing is not permitted.  All aspects of the training must be completed with full participation.  There is no partial credit.

  5. This is a "camera on" training for those who participate online.

  6. By registering for this training, you agree to the requirements and expectations.

Seminar Overview

Brainpotting Phase 3 is an advanced 3-day training where the first two days are devoted to the most recently developed Brainspotting frame setups (not taught in Phases 1 and 2), with the 3rd day devoted to Brainspotting and Performance and Creativity.

Day 1: Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis BSP (BrainSweeps and Proximity)

Day 2: Doublespotting, PartSpotting

Day 3 (AM): The Brainspotting Sports Trauma Model (outlined in THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SPORTS by Grand and Goldberg) will be taught and demonstrated with an elite athlete. The 15 Guidelines to Performance and Creativity Expansion will be presented from the neuroexperiential perspective.

Day 3 (PM): Applications of Creativity Expansion will be presented, including a demonstration of Brainspotting Acting Coaching with a professional actor who will deliver a monologue.

Seminar Objectives

  1. Participants will learn and be able to apply, in their clinical practices, advanced Brainspotting setups, including DoubleSpotting, Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis Brainspotting-BrainSweeps and Proximity, and PartSpotting.

  2. Participants will learn and be able to utilize the Brainspotting Performance Expansion Model, especially the Brainspotting Sports Trauma Model from the neuroexperiential perspective.

  3. Participants will learn and be able to apply the Brainspotting Creativity Expansion Model, including Brainspotting Acting Coaching from the neuroexperiential perspective.

If you have one of the following:
Do Not Complete the registration form.

Send an appropriately titled email to: in the following situations and await a response:

Students enrolled in a mental health master's or doctoral degree program. Student rate $400.  Email your request for the student rate and include the name of the school and program where you are currently enrolled.

Canadians and those outside of the USA, please email for special pricing.

Pre-independent clinical licensure. Rate: $525. Include your pre-licensure status such as LCSWA, LFMTA etc., and the name of your supervisor.

Reduced rates are available to those with a true and demonstrable financial hardship.  Please note this is not just a "discount" but a reduced fee based on financial need.

If you are repeating the training. Rate:$400


Again, if you have one of the above situations:-

Email: in a separate and appropriately titled email with your request.

No CEs are available for this training as BIPOC only trainings are not permitted CEs.

This training is approved by Brainsotting Trainings, LLC, David Grand, PhD, Founder and Developer of Brainspotting.

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