Online Brainspotting Phase 2 Training for BIPOC Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals

Prerequisite Brainspotting Phase 1 - no exceptions

Addiction Counselors | Professional Counselors | Social Workers | Psychologists | Marriage and Family Therapists | Psychiatrists | Nurse Practitioners | Occupational Therapists | Executive/Life Coaches | Naturopaths | Acupuncturists 

Asian | African American/Black | Latinx | Indigenous/Native | Mixed Race | Southeast Asian | Pacific Islander | Middle Eastern (if believe that you are treated differently and perceived to be a person of color - yes I know it's confusing)

Online via Zoom
BIPOC Brainspotting Phase 2 Training
Friday/Saturday/Sunday November 5th, 6th, 7th, 2021

Times: 7:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time each day
Full attendancee required on ALL days.



John R. Edwards, LCSW

Certified Brainspotting Practioner, Consultant, Trainer

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Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $599 (includes training materials)


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  3. Repeating Phase 2 - $299 (limited spaces)

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This Online Brainspotting Phase 2 training is reserved for BIPOC Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals.  This training centers the experiences of BIPOC professionals and their BIPOC clients.

Seminar Overview

This 3-day Brainspotting Phase 2 training will begin with an extensive review of Outside and Inside Window Brainspotting and Gazespotting, with an emphasis on how to clinically interact with clients.

Attendees will be introduced to several important applications. This includes One-Eye Brainspotting including the use of One-Eye goggles. Also taught is 3 Dimensional Brainspotting using the “Z-Axis” of Brainspotting close and far; this includes Vergence Therapy which expands the Z-Axis to activate the vagus nerve through the ocular cardiac reflex.

Additional technical refinements will be presented including “Rolling Brainspotting,” with slow eye tracking stopping briefly on each Brainspot.

Advanced techniques will also include combined Inside-Outside Window Brainspotting where both reflexive responses and client sense of highest activation are used together to find Brainspots.

Day 3 will be devoted to the second level of the Advanced Resource Model. This will entail combining the resource aspects of One-Eye and Z-Axis Brainspotting. This addresses working with clients with Very Complex PTSD and those outside of the Brainspotting Window of Tolerance.

Techniques taught with PowerPoint lecture, discussion with Q & A, demonstrations and practicums.

Seminar Objectives

Through lecture, live demonstration and small group practice participants will learn to do the following:

  • Review components taught in Brainspotting Phase 1 (Outside and Inside Window)

  • Define Frame and Focus Brainspotting Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Demonstrate 3 Dimensional Z-Axis and Vergence Therapy

  • Define and demonstrate Rolling Brainspotting

  • Define and demonstrate One-Eye BrainspottingDefine and demonstrate the 2nd level of the Advanced Resource Model.

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This BIPOC Brainspotting Phase 2 training is approved by Brainspotting Trainings, LLC and David Grand, PhD, Founder and Developer of Brainspotting. CEs are not available for this training since it is a BIPOC only space.